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I need your help, Dragon Age Fandom!

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Thing is, it’s my sisters birthday on 18th October and I want to celebrate with her. Best way I know of is having a Doctor Who marathon over a few days. But since “just” watching Doctor Who seems a little boring way of celebrating, I added “watching Doctor Who for days while eating awesome food.” (“Awesome” as in “inspired by our favorite Fandoms”)

It seemed like a good idea since we love cooking AND eating food together. So I started searching for recipes on the internet, and I found some good things like butterbeer, Pokemon Poffins, sweetrolls from Skyrim and stuff like that. 

Still reading?

That’s nice of you. You’re a very nice person. I like you. 

Needless to say, I didn’t find anything Dragon Age or Mass Effect related. Now I’m sitting here trying to come up with things myself, but I’m kinda struggling with it. So I hoped you could like, help me out a little bit. 

If you have any ideas, headcanons or thoughts on snacks, drinks, dishes or anything like that related to these Games, please message me or reblog with an answer.

Like, what do Qunari-cookies taste like? What’s different about turian chocolate to normal chocolate? What do the dalish eat? Or the Orleasians? Dwarves? And what do they eat on the Normandy?

If you don’t have any ideas, a reblog would also be much appreciated to spread the word since I don’t have many followers.

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    Fortunately, Mass Effect is easy. Joker talks about a hamburger (made with real cow — not that vat grown stuff)...
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    A link to Sten’s cookie recipe // And I think any dark coloured...
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    Hm I did have two Dragon Age drink ideas, but since they’re alcoholic drinks, I’m not sure if you’d still want them or...
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    If you’re looking for not too expensive and easy, go with a chocolate cake and some powdered sugar. Or, if you’re in the...
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    Here’s a Qunari Cookie Recipe that David Gaider apparently liked:...
  9. kisssanitygoodbye said: Uhm… the only thing I can think of right now is Mass Effect related. Steak Sandwich! :D
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